Hey, I’m proud of you. You’ve chosen to be truly vulnerable and open yourself up to booking a photographer who will see you, your love or your family in all its beauty, truth, chaos and wonder.

As a professional and experienced Melbourne family photographer, I’m excited to journey with you.

So, how does it all work?
Here’s a little insight into the process...


booking in

When you get in touch with me we will find a suitable date for your session, or in the case of a newborn session, you let me know your due date and we discuss any details like time and location.

Once you’ve set a date and time for your session, I send you an invoice for your first instalment to confirm the booking, a simple photography contract to read over, as well as collect details like your mobile number and names of your family members. Click here for more thoughts on location, what to wear and time of day.

Prior to your session we confirm all the details.


on the day

Then comes the fun part: we take photos and make magic! On the day I’ll arrive smiling and ready to give you a hug when I meet you (sorry, I’m a hugger!). Then I’ll say hi to everyone, including your animals, and you’ll show me around your home (if we’re shooting in-home). From there I can decide where the best light is and make a plan for where we’ll be shooting.

Generally I go with the flow, but I will probably get us to move locations a few times to capture different backgrounds. If it’s a family session, I’ll probably ask you to do silly things or play games or get closer (yes, always closer!), to ensure the photos are fun and happy. Also, 90% of the time I’m getting you to look at each other, not at the camera. I want to capture connection, not you gazing at the lens.

After a while we sense we’ve got all the shots we need and everyone’s had their fill of giggles and closeness, so we call it a day.


after your session

From there, I work on your photos, giving them my signature look and feel. Once they’re done, I will upload your session to an online gallery which I send you via email.

After receiving your gallery, you’ll receive and invoice for final instalment.

If you’ve chosen a package which includes all your digital files you can download them straight away upon payment. If you’ve chosen a package which includes a select number of images, you can favourite them in your gallery and proceed with the download.

From there you can share the gallery with friends and family, and you can purchase beautiful products directly from the online store attached to your gallery.


get in touch

Ready to book?
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Frequently Asked Questions


+ Should we have our session in our home or outside?

It’s a very personal decision, but there are definitely some things to consider. In-home photography is my specialty and my passion.

Consider this: the photos we create are going to be the most magical time capsule in years to come. Your furniture and art, the way the light hits the bed in the afternoons, all of that will be preserved in your photos. But more than that, the way your family lives and breathes in that space. It’s so personal. Cosy. Hygge. The other benefit to shooting in your home is your family feel comfortable here. They can be themselves, they can show me their treasures and curl up with you where they always do. And finally, the weather isn’t an issue – we can shoot rain, hail or shine.

Having said that, an outdoor session with golden skies, moody light or crazy fog can make the most incredible photos. Some of my favourite sessions have been just before a storm in a field or by the bay. Of course, the risk with outdoor shoots in Melbourne is we may need to reschedule, or we might get rained on.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and there’s no right answer.

+ What time of day is best?

If we’re shooting in your home, when you enquire I’ll ask you to spend a bit of time over the next few days observing the light in your home: when is it dancing on the walls and the floors? That’s, ideally, when we’ll shoot. Usually that’s morning or afternoon. Or you might want a particular part of your life documented - for example breakfast together in your PJs, or cooking etc. so we’d plan around that.

If we’re shooting outside, generally sunrise or sunset are best. Winter is a great time of year for sunset sessions with kids because it’s relatively early in the afternoon, whereas in summer you’ll need to keep them up for photos around dinner/bed time for that truly golden glow.

Sunrise is early, yes, very early. But it’s also kind of magical, so if early is your jam, let’s do early! The light is amazing.

+ What should we wear?

I get asked this a lot, and really, there’s once again no real answer. I think there are definitely some things to avoid: branded or licensed clothing is a big one. It just detracts from the overall point of the session which is to capture the essence of you, not the characters from Frozen. Having said that, if your kid won’t take their Spiderman costume off, don’t stress!

In terms of family sessions, I always stress comfort is key. You don’t want your kids to be frustrated the whole time because you’ve made them wear something they hate or is uncomfortable.

If you can dress in complementary colours that is helpful, but once again not a rule. Neutrals with a pop of colour (navy, mustard, maroon, forest green, blush etc) work well. Or contrasts, like lights and darks. I would avoid extremely bright red or other really intense colours too close to your face, especially for a newborn shoot – it can be very distracting and reflect on your faces. Ultimately you want to look like you, so I would wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.

+ How should we prepare for an in-home shoot?

Sometimes people can get a bit anxious about whether their home is tidy/clean/styled enough for an in-home session. Please don’t get hung up about this. Ultimately, we only shoot in a small percentage of your home. I’d suggest putting some fresh linen on the bed in the room with the best light, tidying up your bed side tables and just a general tidy. There’s no need to have an immaculate home. Your space is the context of your love and connection, not the focus.

+ What if our baby/kids are not in a good mood?

You know what, if they’re naughty, or cranky, or crying – that’s life and totally normal. It’ll be ok! Trust me, we’ll still get some cracking shots, even if some of them are of your kid doing some devious or having a tantrum. I tend to go with the flow, and we’ll just wait it out until they’ve pepped up (potentially with a small snack bribe!), or in the case of a newborn, had a feed/change/sleep etc.