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Courtney + Ash

What can I say about Courtney and Ash? Larger than life, full of love and born to party. These guys put on an incredible day for their nearest and dearest at Brown Brothers Winery with the help of stylist gurus Short & Spook who came up with the most incredible concept for the whole shebang, along with florist Mary Mary Studio. Check it all out below. This wedding was also featured in Hello May over here.

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Jenna + Ryan | Euroa Wedding

Highschool sweethearts from country Victoria, growing up in neighbouring towns and still in love 13 years later. Now that's something special. I loved spending time with Ryan and Jenna and their big families on this glorious Summer's day and what a perfect night under the stars in Jenna's family's backyard. Make sure you scroll to the end.

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Our love is a mixtape {Greg + Claire} - Melbourne wedding

Greg and Claire - or "Cleg" as they're known by their friends - met when out one night. The story goes a young raver Greg got Claire into a club, and the rest is history. Despite the many years which have passed between that night and their wedding in March this year, they remain as committed to electronica music as they do to each other. And so it was a pretty special moment when Greg hit the decks at the reception to surprise Claire with a live performance of one of their favourite tracks, sung by a talented friend. It was an emotional moment which I feel so lucky to have been a part of. Check out the full wedding below.

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Sequins and sunsets, a love everlasting {Mark + Hayley}

Mark and Hayley wanted a simple day. No big bridal party, just them, under a beautiful floral arbour over looking Port Phillip Bay. But they also wanted colour and fun. And with the help of the talented girls at Short & Spook and These are a Few, the day came alive with touches of gold, sequins, yellow and pineapples exploding in the sun. But more than how everything looked, the day felt like one big summer dream of love and laughter. Hayley and Mark who met many moons ago while travelling overseas are such genuinely lovely people, that it was my honour to be there and witness them make big promises to one another.

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Hearts rising like balloons in the sky {Anna + Andy}

I first got to know Anna and Andy when they entered my wedding giveaway competition last year. They made their relationship and their wedding day sound like it was a whole heap of fun, and they weren't lying. Not long after they won my competition they asked me to do some engagement photos for them, featuring their baby border collie Sadie. Well, she won my heart straight away as well as the editorial team at Hello May, as the session ended up featured on the Hello May website.

Fast forward five months and Sadie is a fully grown dog - still just as adorable - and very much part of Anna's pre-wedding warm up routine as you will see. A few things stand out about this glorious March wedding: the love between good friends and siblings (Anna's two sisters were among her bridesmaids and Andy's brother his best man), the joy of your Father marrying you (Anna's Dad is a Minister), and just how spectacular a choreographed surprise dance is. Make sure you keep scrolling to the very end to see how that one turned out.

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Golden Williamstown wedding [Ari + Josh]

I don't mind a subtle, restrained and understated couple, but that is not Ari and Josh. These guys are all about grand entrances, big parties and mad dance moves, a couple who want to share the joy they have with everyone around them. As you'll see below, they're not exactly camera shy and couldn't stop pulling the moves for me throughout their larger than life wedding in Williamstown.

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